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Central Products is a full-service company focused on corrosion control issues. We work closely with industry specialists in design, testing, research and development. Central Products can also provide installation and site supervision to clients wanting an “all-in” approach to their projects. Contact us today to set up a full site assessment and solutions report.

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SPLASHpro M2 Series Bolted HDPE System

  Corrosion Protection Solution for Wharf Pilings in Marine Environments. SPLASHpro M2 stops corrosion on Pilings within the Wave Zone by using Central Products STACwrap Materials: STACprime UW, STACfill, and STACwrap; Secured to the pilings with custom designed, bolted SPLASHpro HDPE Outercovers. Near shore applications Wharf and Jetty Pilings Steel, Timber, and Concrete Ports and […]

SPLASHpro M1 Series Banded HDPE System

  Splash Pro Series M1 System secured with strapping system stops corrosion in the splash zone by using a uniquely formulated combination of petrolatum-based STACprime marine, STACfill and STACwrap marine when protected by HDPE Outercovers. The M1 system can be installed with either Stainless Steel Bands or plastic HCL Smart® Bands.  See pictures for comparison. Uses Coastal Beacons Subsea […]

STACwrap Marine SPLASHpro Marine Tape

  Non-woven, stitch-bonded, synthetic fabric carrier; fully saturated and coated with a neutral petrolatum compound blended with inert fillers and corrosion inhibitors. Typically formulated with broad spectrum Biocides. Uses Ocean pilings: Steel, Concrete, Timber Marine Wharfs Various Port structures Ocean Ships Maritime Vessels

STACwrap Marine XT Extreme Duty Marine Tape

Non-woven, stitch-bonded, synthetic fabric carrier; fully saturated and coated with a neutral petrolatum compound blended with inert fillers and corrosion inhibitors; and typically formulated with wide spectrum Biocides. Uses Ocean pilings: Steel, Concrete, Timber Steel Structures in Ports and Harbors Atmospheric, Buried, submerged Marine applications

STACprime UW Wet Surface Primer

  A unique blend of petrolatum and petroleum components containing water displacing and corrosion inhibiting agents, fillers, and flow control additives. Can be formulated with broad spectrum biocides. Designed specifically to be applied underwater to submerged structures, no need to dry the surface. Uses Water displacement Surface praparation before applying STACfill and STACwrap

STACfill Profiling Compound

A unique blend of saturated petroleum hydrocarbons, fillers and reinforcing fibers. It conforms easily to surface irregularities, ensuring complete protection of the substrate. Uses Profiling around valves, flanges, nuts, bolts, other irregularities Filling Voids Underwater applications