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Central Products is a full-service company focused on corrosion control issues. We work closely with industry specialists in design, testing, research and development. Central Products can also provide installation and site supervision to clients wanting an “all-in” approach to their projects. Contact us today to set up a full site assessment and solutions report.

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Marine Piling Wrap Solutions

Marine Piling Wraps and More

Marine Piling Wraps in Action

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The marine environment is one of the most brutally corrosive eco-systems in the world. Central Products’ marine piling wraps, along with our full line of jackets, coatings and petrolatum tapes are designed to protect your assets for years to come.  You need solutions beyond tape.  If you have timber, concrete or steel pilings, we can help.  Our wraps, coatings and tapes are also ideal for the other corrosion problems your maintenance personnel and engineers are facing. 

While marine pilings are one area of need, there are many others. Other critical areas of the marine environment include:

  • Marine Pilings – Steel Pilings, Concrete Pilings, Timber Pilings (Wave and Tidal Zone)
  • Piping – Delivery Piping, Hangers, Valves, Flanges, Conduits
  • Off-Shore – Platforms, Risers, Beacons, Wind Generators
  • Marine Vessels – On-Board Piping, Valves, Flanges, Hydraulics
  • Wharf Structures – Bracing, Beams, Infrastructure, Railings
  • Top Deck – Production Equipment, Conveyoring

Our solution technologies have proven results over 30 years. They use a variety of materials according to the need:

  • Petrolatum tapes and coatings
  • Polyurethanes
  • HDPE, Polyesters, Fiberglass, Polypropylenes, PVC
  • Composites
  • Marine Stainless Steels

Our formulations account for the corrosion resistance needs of the marine environments:

  • UV stabilized
  • Biocides and Bacteria Growth Inhibitors
  • Water Displacement
  • Mechanical Impact Strength
  • Temperature Stabilized
  • Wet and Submerged Surfaces
  • Air and/or Water Curing
  • Minimal Surface Preparation

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