Corrosion Solutions For Your World

Central Products is a full-service company focused on corrosion control issues. We work closely with industry specialists in design, testing, research and development. Central Products can also provide installation and site supervision to clients wanting an “all-in” approach to their projects. Contact us today to set up a full site assessment and solutions report.

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Corrosion 101

Central Products Corrosion Protection materials have been developed to meet the needs of the cathodic protection industry. Corrosion Protection products have been proven by our Customers in the most demanding of applications. Customers have successfully used our products in their industries:Gas, Water, and Waste Water Utilities; Petroleum and Chemical Industries; Telephone Transmission; Bridge, Highway, Roofing and Building Construction; Marine and Piling Protection; and General Factory Maintenance.

Central Products Corrosion Protection products offer competitive advantages:
  • Highest product technology combined with application ease
  • Non-toxic and non-combustive (cold applied)
  • Ready for service immediately after application
  • Manual and machine application available
  • Small work crews and simple application tools
  • Application while equipment is operating, no-down time costs
  • Provide long service life
  • Eliminating costly periodic maintenance/renovation
  • No heating costs and associated dangers, cold applied
  • Technical application assistance to insure maximum protection with the minimum quantity of materials
  • Stable products with long term shelf life up to 40 years
  • Once applied, provides a safe working environment, worry free from leaks, spills, and explosions
  • Highest level of corrosion protection available on the market today
  • Largest single cost saving product available to the industry


Central Products Corrosion Protection materials have been repeatedly applied to the following areas and provided excellent cathodic protection and extended service life:

Piping Flanges and Valves
Pipe Hangers Pipe Supports
Structural Steel Sweating Lines
Threaded Connections Weld Joints
Nuts and Bolts Pipe Crossings
Tank Bases and Perimeters Conduit/Fittings
Cooling Tower Piping Cracked Concrete
Waterproofing and Sealing Battery Terminals
Battery Trays and Tie downs Risers
Storage of Milled Surface Fire Protection Sprinklers
Gutter/Roof Repairs Rebar and Tie Bars
Cable and Pipe Ducts Guy Wire Anchors
Under Thermal Insulation Storage Tanks
Light Standards Waterproof Thermal
Control Boxes Insulation
Flanges and Valves Sleeve Repairs
Pipe Cad welds
weld Repair Clamps
Joints Tapping Tees
Cable Splices Storage Tanks
Pipe Couplings Bolt Coming out of the Ground
Expansion Joints Ductile/Cast Iron Pipe in Low
Punch Tees Resistivity Soil
Steel Piles Pipe Hangers
Timber Piles Concrete Piles
Sump Piles Risers
Jacket Legs Under Dock Piping
Flanges and Valves Offshore
Platforms Platforms
Submarine Pipeline Coating H-Piles
Repairs Guy Wire Anchors
Plumbing Connections Cooling Tower Piping
Splices Cable and Pipe Ducts
Gutter and Roof Repairs Waterproofing and Sealing
Conduit Connections Meter Risers
Air Conditioning Piping Threaded Connections
Battery Terminals Battery Trays and Tie downs
Category 5. RECREATIONAL :
Cart Battery Trays Bulk Head Tie Rods and End
Trailer Axles and U Bolts Connections
Emergency Boat Plug Leak Repairs
Power Lifts for Boats Boat Electrical Connections and Solenoids