Corrosion Solutions For Your World

Central Products is a full-service company focused on corrosion control issues. We work closely with industry specialists in design, testing, research and development. Central Products can also provide installation and site supervision to clients wanting an “all-in” approach to their projects. Contact us today to set up a full site assessment and solutions report.

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Oil and Gas


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From gathering crude and gas at the oil field to burning natural gas in your home and gasoline in your vehicles, Central Products has solutions to protect the infrastructure of pipelines and equipment used during transmission.

Take a look at the key solutions, Products available, and Projects Completed.

  • New Pipelines – non-coated
  • New Pipelines – 2-3 layer, FBE
  • Pipeline Field Joints
  • Mechanical Protection Over-wrap – Elbows and Bends
  • Wrapping Pipe on Site
  • Renovation (in the ditch wrapping) of existing Buried Pipelines
  • Transmission Pumping Stations
  • Tanks and Storage
  • Road Crossing (Casings)
  • Insulated Pipelines

Start with these three products when considering the needs at your oil or gas facilities:

View STACwrap Products View POLYcoat Products View POLYwrapper Products